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Rain-X launches a range of brushware for comfortable, efficient yet gentle cleaning of automotive surfaces.

Rain-X range of brushware – For over 50 years, Rain-X has provided drivers — and even aeroplane pilots — with glass care products to help them outsmart the elements. As well as water repellents and cleaners, Rain-X has offered exceptional car care products to keep body surfaces not only performing well, but also looking their absolute best.

In keeping with this tradition of high quality automotive surface care, Rain-X has announced the launch of a new range of brushware giving car owners a suite of eight products to clean and maintain their vehicles. Rain-X’s new range of eight products includes: car wash brush with hose connection (66 RXCWB), ultra absorbent drying towel 130 X 75CM (66 RXDT), 1.6m extendable wash brush with removal head (66RXEXT16), jumbo sponge (66 RXJS), deluxe wheel wash brush (66 RXWBD), mag wheel spoke brush (66RXWBM), extendable triangle microfibre window cleaner (66 RXWCD), and a premium microfibre wash mitt (66 RXWM).

These products are designed to help keep drivers a confident step ahead of Mother Nature on the road and include state-of-the-art materials that ensure thorough, yet gentle performance in order to ensure a deep, comfortable clean without compromising your vehicle’s integrity and looks.

The Car Wash Brush with Hose Connection is the perfect tool for washing cars, RVs, and more. The handle includes a standard garden hose connection and an on/off switch to control water flow through the brush head. The extra-soft, scratch-free bristle brush head delivers a superior cleaning performance.

Rain-X’s new premium Microfibre Drying Towel is a soft, ultra-absorbent, 130cm x 75cm towel made of non-abrasive and premium plush microfibre that does not leave scratches or lint on paintwork, glass, or mirrors. This towel delivers unrivalled drying power and tackles any drying task quickly and efficiently. The 1.6m Extendable Wash Brush with Removable Head is an ultra soft-bristle brush with 1.6m extension pole and an angled design that maximises surface area contact and protects the cleaning surface, leaving behind a scrubbed surface that is as clean as new. Likewise, Rain-X’s Jumbo Sponge is designed to clean large surfaces faster and gently. Super hard-wearing, this product is made of quality soft foam ideal for the creation of suds and is gentle on paintwork.

Meanwhile, the Deluxe Wheel Wash Brush is made from the highest quality materials and is designed to get into those hard-to-reach areas on tyres, wheels, rims, and inner fenders. The brush is tough on dirt and grime, yet gentle on paint, chrome, powder coats, and polished wheels. Also, its heavy duty, non-slip rubber handle ensures the perfect grip for the job. Wheels are some of the toughest parts of a vehicle to clean but Rain-X’s Mag Wheel Spoke Brush easily gets rid of dirt, dust, and grime that accumulates there by reaching through the spokes effortlessly for a spotless shine. The mag wheel spoke brush — with its soft scratch-free, sturdy bristles, and rubber handle for the perfect grip — makes wheel and rim cleaning easy.

The Extendable Triangle Microfibre Window Cleaner has a long lightweight, extendable, ergonomic handle and features a washable, reusable, and lint-free microfibre cleaning cover. The ultra-fine fibre wipes off dirt, dust, and grease on any surface effortlessly, and is great for the hard-to-reach glass of the vehicle’s interior.

Last but not least is Rain-X’s Wash Mitt; a brand-new premium and super absorbent microfibre designed to hold water and soap making the wash easier, faster, and more efficient. The gentle microfibre ensures that polishing cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, RVs, or even boats will not leave any scratches on the surface. The high-density microfibre also acts as a dry duster that effectively grabs and attracts fine dust.

This new range of brushware is perfectly paired with Rain-X’s wider portfolio of automotive surface care products and is available from leading automotive retail stores throughout New Zealand.


For over 50 years, Rain-X has provided drivers with products to help them outsmart the elements. Rain-X leads the automotive aftermarket in glass care with its original glass water repellent water beading technology and glass cleaners. Rain-X was originally created as a rain repellent for aviation windshields, but soon found a larger demand in automotive applications where their products support dramatically improved driving visibility. In recent years, the Rain-X portfolio has expanded to include other types of car care products such as car washes, headlight restoration kits, and bug and tar removers. All Rain-X products are designed to help keep drivers a confident step ahead of Mother Nature on the road. Rain-X is distributed in New Zealand by Griffiths Equipment.