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NARVA adds high performing Light Boxes to AeroTech® range

AeroTech® Light Box range – Narva’s new range of AeroTech® LED Light Boxes are its brightest primary warning lights yet, providing a powerful yet uniform output that meets and exceeds all international standards.

Designed, engineered, and tested in Australia, the AeroTech® LED Light Boxes are available in three sizes and all offer six selectable flash patterns, making them suitable for a range of machines, from light commercials through to heavy transport, materials handling, agricultural, construction, and other equipment.

The lights’ powerful output comes courtesy of precision lens optics coupled with high-power LEDs, while a unique reflector design ensures superior visibility during both daylight hours and at night. 

Flash patterns on all three models include Ultra (alternating flash), Ultra (cross flash), Rotate, Quint, Double Rotate, Steady On, and Double Flash, which produces output that’s up to six times brighter than what’s required under SAE Class 1. 

Another feature of the Light Boxes is an optional night mode — because of the AeroTech® range’s extreme brightness, night mode ensures the light doesn’t dazzle other road users or nearby workers. Night mode can either be wired to a switch or to vehicle park lights for greater convenience. 

Impressive light output aside, the AeroTech® LED Light Boxes have also been designed with durability and longevity in mind. Ultrasonic welding seals the lights from water and dust ingress, ensuring an IP67 and IP69K rating. Additionally, the Light Boxes are equipped with heavy-duty bases and feature virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lenses, complete with special Makrolon 2607 material which is UV-resistant. Solid state circuitry also means that there’s no moving parts, eliminating the chance of mechanical failure.

Prior to launch, the Light Boxes underwent an extensive testing schedule at Narva’s in-house Melbourne testing facility, with results reviewed, backed, and approved by accredited independent labs. Durability testing on these models included thermal and mechanical shock, vibration, salt spray, and ingress protection, along with real-world environment tests. The Light Boxes are also vibration tested to ISO and military spec and are CISPR25 Class 3 approved ensuring no RFI, for a quiet cabin.

For added versatility, the AeroTech® LED Light Boxes offer multiple mounting options, with the ability to mount via bolts to the cradle, directly to the base, or even with an optional magnetic mounting which has been rated to 120km/h (Part Nos 85016A/85016AC). Each Light Box is also provided with two metres of cable (permanent mount).

All three models within the AeroTech® LED Light Box range are available in amber and clear lens options, with dual colours available upon request, from leading transport, automotive, and trade outlets throughout New Zealand. The lights are backed by an impressive 7-year warranty.

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