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Dead batteries are a sure way to put a damper on exploring and adventuring on RVs and caravans. The Projecta INTELLI-IQ Smart Display makes this dreaded scenario a thing of the past. 

INTELLI-IQ Smart Display (IQD2) is the communication hub for the Projecta DC system, enabling users to create a smart home on wheels. It provides complete control of the DC System, including charge rate and battery voltage. IQD2 is the first of five phases of the Projecta Internet of Things (IoT)* system, ensuring scalability and allowing the integration of future products and technologies.

Projecta’s IQD2 links connected products within the Projecta ecosystem, providing a new way of connecting and controlling devices without being physically hardwired or relying on Bluetooth. Think of the unit as the ‘brain’ in a portable smart home system, giving users total and reliable control over their auxiliary 12V equipment. With this functionality, owners will never again turn up at a campsite with a flat battery and a warm fridge.


Don’t get stuck in 2024

The IQD2 and the IDC25X DC-to-DC charger are designed for the future and will seamlessly integrate with the upcoming phases of Projecta IoT. This means that as technology advances, the IQD2 and the IDC25X are prepared to adapt and upgrade the smart home on wheels. 

Projecta Senior Brand Manager James Pearson says the new INTELLI-IQ Smart Display unlocked the full potential of the IDC25X DC-to-DC charger and other Projecta equipment:

“When paired with the IDC25X charger, the INTELLI-IQ Smart Display further elevates the charger by offering total and convenient control — in combination; the technology is unique and industry-leading for the segment.”

“Many competitor systems feature Bluetooth control, where the appliance connects directly to the smart device. These systems can be subject to functionality issues with range and connectivity; this is often because the appliance is mounted in the engine bay or another area shielded by layers of metal, causing a barrier for the Bluetooth signal. In comparison, the IQD2 offers automotive-grade communication, meaning no dropouts and an easy set-up.”

The IQD2 takes the award-winning DC-to-DC charger IDC25X to the next level and allows for both scalability and the implementation of future products and technologies. The IDC25X can charge any battery chemistry currently on the market, but with the IQD2 and the INTELLI-IQ App, defined profile settings can be changed and new battery chemistries can be charged. 

This also allows scalability when the user needs additional power. The user can start with a 100Ah battery and one IDC25X unit. However, as needs evolve — perhaps with the introduction of luxuries typically reserved for home use, such as air conditioning, an induction cooktop, or a coffee machine — additional power and charging capabilities become necessary. With the IQD2 installed, adding up to five IDC25X units is possible, where two 25A chargers become one 50A unit, three 25A become 75A, and so on. 

The IQD2 also allows individual control of other devices like fridges, lights, compressors and inverters using Projecta smart relays. Each relay has a unique code — once you rename the relay, you can turn the device on and off. These smart relays mean the INTELLI-IQ Smart Display screen can control up to 60 devices. Imagine being ready for bed and seeing that the outside lights are still on — with a few taps on your smartphone in the INTELLI-IQ App the lights are turned off without leaving the bed.

Mount it anywhere

The INTELLI-IQ Smart Display unit features a 2” display screen. Due to its single-wire connectivity, it can be mounted anywhere the user deems suitable, and the cable is easy to manipulate around a vehicle or a caravan. Owners can also extend, shorten, or even run their wire through a trailer plug. The unit can be mounted flush, at an angle, or even upside down.

The screen features an ultra-wide display angle, a capacitive touch screen that supports ‘smooth touch’ with enhanced sensitivity, and swipe-to-change screens. Additionally, it includes automatic brightness adjustment and the ability to customise settings further using the INTELLI-IQ App. Through the app, the user can monitor at some distance from the vehicle and program various alarms and notifications to be alerted before it is too late, meaning users should never experience the inconvenience of a flat battery. 

The INTELL-IQ Smart Display can be purchased from leading automotive, caravan, and camping specialist stores and is backed by a generous five-year warranty.

*Internet of Things refers to a network of connected devices and technology that provides communication between each device over the internet to connect and share data.