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Antenna Replacement

Replacing an Automatic Antenna mast

With the radio turned off remove the top retaining nut from the antenna.

Turn the radio/ignition on so that the mast goes up.

Remove the mast, sleeve and rope assembly from the antenna.

With the radio still on insert the new mast assembly into the top of the antenna with the teeth of the rope facing the motor drive.

Turn the radio/ignition off.

The mast should now feed into the antenna, replace the top nut, sleeve and secure into place.

Now test that the mast freely travels to both upper and lower reaches of its correct travel distance.

NB : Please keep the old retaining sleeve upon removal of the mast as not all new masts are supplied with new retaining sleeves.

Replacing a Manual Antenna

Before removing the old aerial, make sure that the coaxial lead is cut and left running down the inside of the vehicles pillar.

Tape the end of the new aerials lead to the old one. Make sure this is very secure.

From inside the vehicle, carefully pull the new lead through, using the old lead as a guide.

Plug the new lead into the back of the radio and screw the new aerial into place.

See specific instructions for your model of antenna –