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Projecta Component Replacement Campaign

Output Connector Clamps of Projecta Battery Chargers Models: AC008, AC015, AC040, AC080, SMC150, SMC400, SMC800

Electrical Product Safety Recall

The recall covers the output connector clamp of the Projecta battery chargers which were sold at hardware and automotive/marine parts retailers between 2017 and 2022. Only Models AC008, AC015, AC040, AC080, SMC150, SMC400, SMC800 are affected. The output connector clamps that have a visible engraved ‘V0’ or yellow paint dot, are not part of this recall.

Defect: The plastic covers on the output connector clamps are not adequately resistant to fire. They may overheat and catch fire.

Hazard: Risk of fire or burns causing serious injury.

What to do: Stop using the affected output connector clamps immediately.

– Please visit the website for further information and to register your details to receive replacement clamps.

– Alternatively, please scan the following QR code for details.

Electrical Product Safety Recall

Contact Details Consumers can contact Griffiths Equipment by email at

See for NZ product recall information.