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  • Brand: DIRTY STEVE
  • Product Code: 62 DS1030
  • Availability: Out of Stock
DIRTY STEVE Dirty Steve Vinyl Revitaliser is formulated to assist in restoring and revitalising vinyl, rubber and plastic interior and exterior surfaces. Applications may include vehicle and boat interior dashboards, rubber seals, plastic and vinyl surfaces, exterior rubber, tyres, boat & water-craft seats, boat canopies, rubber mats, and vinyl roofs. Dirty Steve Vinyl Revitaliser helps to lift surface dirt, dust and grime, leaving a leaving a non-oily, non-greasy satin finish. A pleasant new car scent leaves interiors smelling fresh and clean.

  • Revives and protects exterior vinyl and plastics.
  • Protection for vinyl roofs, ute tonneaus, car bras, bimini tops, black plastic trim, motor bike seats, boat seats and rubber mats.
  • Will not create premature aging, cracking, greying, chalking or fissures.
  • Leaves a new looking, mid sheen finish.
  • 100% free of oil and water based silicones as well.
  • pH neutral, safe for long term use, including stitching.
  • Great for renewing engine bay plastics and rubber hoses.
  • Stops vinyl UV yellowing and excessively fast ageing.
  • Enriches and renews older vinyl, plastic and rubber.
Barcode: 9320729058764