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  • Brand: PROJECTA
  • Product Code: IDC25X
  • Availability: In Stock
PROJECTA Projecta's next generation in dual battery management provides an advanced charge simultaneously from both solar and alternator inputs. Temperature compensation allows IDC25X to provide 25A charge both in hot and cold climates making it ideal for under bonnet installation. It offers the highest level of protection against dust, water, and pressure washing (IP68 & IP69K). Its ultra-efficient power conversion maximizes battery charging while reducing strain on the charger, ensuring longevity. Engineered to meet heavy vehicle standards, it is resistant to vibration and shock. It supports simultaneous charging with solar and alternator inputs. The charger employs efficient MPPT solar charging for optimal performance, even in shaded areas. It also includes a convenient lithium wake-up mode for one-button charging activation, even if the battery's BMS is off. Backed by a 5-year warranty.

  • Operates up to 90C, ideal for under-the-bonnet use.
  • Highest level of protection against dust, water, and pressure washing (IP68 & IP69K).
  • Fully potted with thermal epoxy resin, it ensures durability and resistance.
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty, it provides peace of mind.
  • Utilises 3 and 5 stage charging for fast and effective charging.
  • Automatic temperature compensation, optimises performance in different climates.

Barcode: 9315219004796