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  • Brand: TYPE S
  • Product Code: 50 TSSP1102
  • Availability: In Stock
TYPE S Powerful beats and great bass! The TYPE-S Active Bass Tube Enclosure comes equipped with an in-built, highly efficient power amplifier that has undergone thorough tuning and testing to guarantee optimal bass performance from cutting-edge driver designs and construction. The Active Bass Tube Enclosure is made from durable materials and sits on a small footprint ensuring it can fit in the tiniest of spaces. Everything you need for straightforward installation is included, giving you a mind-blowing audio experience.

  • Built-In Amplifier.
  • 360 Watts Max.
  • Remote Bass Control Included.
  • Speaker Level Inputs.
  • RCA Line-Level Inputs.
  • LED Power Indicator.
  • LED Protection Indicator.
  • Adjustable Low Pass Filter.
  • Installation Kit Included.
Barcode: 9415553127707